Community Economic Development Fund

A series about the art of operating small enterprises and the issues faced by the owners.

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Small Business As Usual 19-9 -- bread saved my life

       Jennifer Acuna

We've all heard stories about how the challenges of small business ownership cause personal crises. In contrast, Jennifer Acuna, owner of Loafing Around, LLC explains the profound difference that starting a business made in getting her life back on track.



Small Business As Usual 19-8 -- improving cash flow

       Michael Mongillo

Cash flow problems have to be the number one problem small business owners face.  Michael Mongillo of Eleven Arrows Consulting points out the solutions are surprisingly straight forward and lie in good information and honest, candid and effective communication.



Small Business As Usual 19-7, why borrowing got hard

       Jim Bzdyra

Small business owners might wonder what happened to the world where they could dial their banker on the phone and arrange for a loan in a snap. As CEDF celebrates its 25th anniversary, President and CEO Jim Bzdyra looks back over the changes that impacted commercial banking.



Small Business As Usual 19-6, emotions behind money

Corrin Gibbs Burke

Problems in business with money? Maybe it's all in your head. Corrin Gibbs Burke CFP®, CMC®, explains the emotional side of what none of us can live without, and how using archetypes helps us understand pitfalls and tendencies that interfere with small business success.



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