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A series about the art of operating small enterprises and the issues faced by the owners.

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Small Business As Usual 19-4, right place, right time, right customer

Richard Portelance

Richard Portelance, CEO of CareerPath Mobile, developed a great solution that users loved, but the paying customers weren't ready to adopt it. What he did next explains how to move your business into the right place at the right time for the right customer.

Thanks to Nelson Merchan of the CT SBDC for introducing his client.





Small Business As Usual 19-3, the right questions

Anthony Price

Are you asking the right questions about your business? Do you have the right business model? Are you solving problems for customers? Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner? Middletown-based Anthony Price of LootScout wrote a book, "Get the Loot and Run," to explore questions like these.


Small Business As Usual 19-2, innovation

Chris Raimo

Innovation doesn't come from brainstorming. It sneaks up on you like a cat at the intersection of experience and observation. Chris Raimo, owner of Happy Cat Hotel in Windsor, CT, explains how his concept evolved into what might become an industry disruptor.




Small Business As Usual episode 19-1, how you make your customers feel

Devon Scanlon

Devon Scanlon, owner/operator of Chick-Fil-A in Brookfield, CT, shares her methods for maintaining fidelity to the simplest of ideas -- how you make your customers feel -- and why this can make sales and profits soar.
Thanks to Nelson Merchan of the CT SBDC for introducing his client.




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