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CT Boost Fund LogoCEDF is a nonprofit community lender, a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution and a participant in the CT Small Business Boost Fund. In order to provide business support services and financing at reduced or no cost, we must maintain philanthropic funding from government, corporate and charitable sources. This requires we measure and demonstrate the impact of our mission, so we ask our program recipients to provide personal and business information required. We share your information only in aggregate from unless required by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a participant in one of their programs and as authorized by you. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in completing our intake form.

Full text of the SBA Navigator user agreement is at this link.

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CEDF is a participant in the SBA's Community Navigator program which may require your authorization. Should I request business counseling service from CEDF through the Small Business Administration (SBA) Community Navigator program. I agreed to cooperate should I be selected to participate in surveys designated to evaluate SBA services. Link to the full text of the agreement is show at the top of this form. 
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