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Start-Up Businesses

You’ve always wanted to own your own business. Is now the right time for you?

Starting your own business requires lots of research, time, market analysis, projections, process development, organization, management and a considerable amount of money. Whether you are a true start up business or you have been in business less than 3 years and are looking for financing you will need a business plan. Every new business should have a well thought out business plan to serve as your road map on how you will run your business. The plan should also include a contingency plan for any unforseen things that could happen.

It is your business, so a well thought through and written business plan must come from you. You have to know it, own it, walk it and do it. No one will or can do that for you. Below we have provided you with a template to get you started.

Business Plan Template

Once you have your plan written to the best of your ability or if you want assistance as you get started, we recommend you contact one of the organizations below who can review your plan, offer their assistance, guidance and suggestions to get you ready to apply for financing. 

Another great resource for small business is: Small Business Administration (SBA)

While you are in the process of writing your business plan, be sure to check out the Business Basics: Finance & QuickBooks workshops and business value seminars offered by CEDF.

Start-Up Business Loans

For more information on startup business loans, visit our Business Loans page.

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