Community Economic Development Fund

Picture Your Life Beyond Student Debt

The Community Economic Development Fund and Citizens Bank are working together to provide you the financial wellness you deserve.


If the idea of lightening student loan payments sounds appealing to you, this unique partnership may be the answer. With over three decades of experience in education finance, Citizens is dedicated to helping you take control of your student loan payments with the Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan®.


If you are approved, you will receive up to a $1,000 credit on a new loan. Conditions apply.  This is a special offer for employees and clients of The Community Economic Development Fund.  You can even have your family members take advantage of the offer!


With no application, origination or disbursement fees, the Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan also allows you to potentially:


·         Lower your monthly payment to put more money back in your monthly budget

·         Lower your interest rate if you’re paying higher rates on old student loans

·         Pay your loans off faster by paying less in interest and more toward your principal balance

·         Lock in a fixed-rate loan to replace a variable-rate loan so your payment amount is always the same


In this way, you can earmark your money for important goals like retiring other high-interest debt, saving for business expansion, a new home or retirement.


For more information and to apply directly, visit:

When filling out the personal information section of the application, choose Community Economic Development Fund under the "employer" tab.


Not sure which loan or educational service meets your need?

Please give us a call toll-free at 888-835-2333 or contact us online