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Super-Charged Networking Success: It’s More than Just a Meeting…


CEDF offices, 965 E. Main St., Meriden, CT, 06612


Networking is an ongoing process of developing trusting relationships. When you attend this seminar you will learn:

  • Why you may have totally misunderstood what networking is all about.
  • Why you are missing the boat if you are just thinking business development.
  • Why you have to get your mind right to be a successful networker.
  • Why you will fail if you haven’t done this before the networking event.
  • Why you may be missing out by failing to utilize these opportunities.
  • Why you must be able to deliver your “commercial” in under 30 seconds
  •  How to do it using the information-packed handout you will receive.
  • The essential list of what you must always do and what you must never do.
  • How you will blow your opportunity if you fail to do this afterward.

Chip Janiszewski is an accomplished speaker who has taught thousands how to “Live with Purpose, Passion, Positivity and a Plan.”  He is a master at networking who can help you learn how to turn what many small business owners fear and shrink from into one of the most important tools for the success of your enterprise. Let Chip super-charge your approach to networking in this interactive seminar.

Free, but you must pre-register to attend.

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