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What Supplier Diversity Certification can do for your Business

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Meg Yetishefsky
      Meg Yetishefsky

The State of Connecticut buys everything you can think of from janitorial services to landscaping, and from custom apparel to catered meals. Learn how the Supplier Diversity Initiative and Set Aside Programs can help Small and Minority Businesses (SBE/MBE) build revenue and add a good-paying customer to their lists. But you have to be certified to participate. Find out about the requirements, how to complete the documentation and other steps, and the advantages that certification through the Department of Administrative Services can bring your firm even beyond contracts with the state.Dept. Administrative Services logo

Meg Yetishefsky is the director of the State of Connecticut Small Business Program. She brings more than 25 years of experience with the program, which serves as the primary liaison for small vendors seeking procurement opportunities with the state and the private sector. The mission of the Small Business Program is to facilitate economic development for Connecticut's small and minority-owned businesses by recruiting, certifying, and connecting them with that marketplace.  The Connecticut Small Business Program aims to become a symbol of integrated diversity in the procurement process.

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