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Nancy Feliciano
       Nancy Feliciano

This is the ideal time to begin preparing for the return you will file in April 2025. Determine if you should be making estimated tax payments and organize your recordkeeping to save you anxiety and maybe even money later. Learn more about your obligations so you can avoid an unexpected tax bill and possibly a penalty. Discover how tracking your income, income sources, property basis and deductible expenses demonstrate the progress of your business. Find out what supporting documentation is required and what assistance is available for taxpayers.

Nancy Feliciano is a Senior Stakeholder Liaison in the Communication & Liaison Division of the Internal Revenue Service. She partners with local tax professional organizations, small business groups and industry associations to provide tax education and information. Before she joined the Communications & Liaison Division in 2007, Nancy worked as a Tax Resolution Specialist in the Wage & Investment Division and as a Revenue Representative in the Collection Division.  She joined the IRS in 1991 and has 39 years in government service.


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