Community Economic Development Fund

Course Contents

Launching your Business

Session 1: Deciding on a Business
Session 2: The Business Plan
Session 3: Home Based Business
Session 4: Financing the Business
Session 5: Business Organization
Session 6: Licenses and Permits 
Session 7: Business Insurance
Session 8: Communication Tools
Session 9: Buying a Business or Franchise
Session 10: Location and Leasing
Session 11: Accounting and Cash Flow
Session 12: E-Commerce
Session 13: Opening and Marketing
Session 14: Managing Employees
Session 15: Expanding and Handling Problems

Growing your Business

Session 1: Getting Financial Controls in Place
Session 2: Getting Your Team in Place
Session 3: Customer Feedback
Session 4: Achieving Lowest Expenses
Session 5: Develop Negotiating Skills
Session 6: Alternatives for Capital Allocation
Session 7: Advanced E-Commerce
Session 8: Growth By Duplication
Session 9: Vertical Integration
Session 10: Franchising Your Business
Session 11: Global Expansion
Session 12: Buying Businesses
Session 13: Public Ownership
Session 14: Selling Your Business
Session 15: Considerations for Family Succession

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