President’s Message

james_bzdyraDuring my time thus far as President and CEO, I must say that all of my positive thoughts and beliefs regarding the impact of our organization’s mission, and the passion, energy and creativity of our small business owners that we serve throughout Connecticut, have been fully realized.  It is an honor to meet with and visit our existing clients and applicants and to learn about the challenges they face. Witnessing their passion for their ideas and their companies is truly exciting. Their hard work, drive for success and desire to economically stabilize and strengthen their communities through their businesses and through their personal involvement is inspiring.

CEDF’s role is to provide business loans to small and start-up companies that cannot obtain traditional bank financing. In addition to the loans, we support our clients with ongoing one-on-one business advice for the length of their relationship with us and provide them with timely and meaningful business workshops and classes. We strive to do our best to empower our clients with a holistic approach to put them in the best possible position to succeed.

I want to thank all of our numerous partners who support CEDF and contribute to our success. These include our investors, board members, referral sources and friends in all of the communities around the state. Your input, advice, and counsel is greatly appreciated.

It is a pleasure to be the President of this organization that works hard every day to do its part to help drive economic activity in our state. We will continue to do our best to provide opportunities to our clients as we fulfill our mission.