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QuickBooks Online Version Overview

1/22/18, 1/24/18, 1/29/18, 1/31/18

CEDF Offices
965 E. Main St.
Meriden, CT 06450


This six-night workshop sequence combines a two-night introduction to Financial Fundamentals to lay the groundwork for understanding the bookkeeping process in business. We recommend Financial Fundamentals as a prerequisite to ensure that all students can move through QuickBooks at the required pace. You must enroll in these courses separately. See our training calendar entries.

The four-night QuickBooks Online Version Overview will show you all the basic functions of this popular business software bookkeeping solution. Cost: $80.

Janice Barsalou
QuickBooks Pro

Who should attend QuickBooks Online Version Overview?

  • Business owners or managers who want an introduction to the functions of the program. (Note: Because of the wide latitude in aptitude for mastering computer software and financial concepts in the limited time available, don’t plan on this course as your only solution for learning about bookkeeping or as a substitute for professional services.)
  • Business owners or managers who employ a bookkeeper or accountant but want to participate in some routine entries to improve business operations.
  • Business owners or managers who have used desktop versions of QuickBooks but want help mastering the very different look and feel of the Online version.

How the Online version is taught: QuickBooks Online is a monthly subscription program, hence CEDF does not provide a “copy” as part of this course as was previously done for the desktop version.

You’ll use a laptop in our computer lab signed on with the instructor’s assistance to a trial version at the software company Intuit’s website. After the course, you can continue your subscription or not as you see fit for your business.

Why do companies use the Online version?

  • They find it more convenient to collaborate with their accountant or bookkeeper as multiple login credentials are offered. No more passing memory sticks back and forth.
  • Business owners or managers don’t want to have to carry a laptop back and forth from office to home, etc.
  • Some functions are simplified.

Why do companies use the Desktop version?

  • Some features are not available in Online.
  • They are already comfortable with the interface.
  • They have purchased the program at a one-time cost. (Support subscriptions are a different matter.)

Course Outline

 Quickbooks Online Version Overview - Night #1

  • Course overview
  • Setting up a new business
  • QuickBooks vocabulary, help files and tutorials
  • Basic Navigation in QuickBooks
  • Getting acquainted with sample files

Quickbooks Pro For Beginners - Night #2

  • Introduction to Lists
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Setting up Balance Sheet accounts
  • Customer and Vendor Centers
  • Customize Forms
  • Enter and pay a simple bill

Quickbooks Pro For Beginners - Night #3

  • Items
  • Setting up sales taxes
  • Recording use taxes
  • Sales cycle using QuickBooks screens
  • Sales cycle impact on the Income Statement
  • Using estimates and purchase orders

Quickbooks Pro For Beginners - Night #4

  • Paying sales taxes
  • Reconciling balance sheet accounts
  • Time tracking and payroll overview (sample file)
  • Using reports
  • Customize/export reports


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