Community Economic Development Fund

Commercial Lease Renewal Dos & Don’ts for Tenants

Listen to this live teleconference exclusively for CEDF invitees

Building on the article published in the January edition of CEDF’s Chalkboard newsletter, Jeff Grandfield,  consultant from The Lease Coach, will review the key approaches and tactics for renewal and new space negotiations. Free, but registration is required.

Every business owner who rents commercial space should participate in this call. Caution: Be sure you are seated while listening to the teleconference. You may become queasy when you realize the amount of money overpaid due to previous poor negotiations. Be sure to seek prompt medical attention if you feel seriously ill.

You may submit your lease-related questions in advance. Jeff will address as many as time permits. Due to the anticipated number of participants, questions will be collected by email as shown in the instructions.

Jeff Grandfield is co-author of "Negotiating Commercial Leases and Renewals for Dummies" (pub. Wiley 2013) Jeff and Dale Willerton operate a consultancy, The Lease Coach, and work exclusively for tenants. In addition to their book, Dale and Jeff speak to business owners across North America at conferences and trade shows.

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