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Is Regulation Crowdfunding Right for Your Business?

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Cliff Ennico
        Cliff Ennico

There’s a canyon in the land of small business finance. On one side, businesses are built on foundations of savings, small loans, credit cards and investments from those close to you. On top of the other wall you can see the angels and venture capitalists that are far out of reach for most business startups. When Kickstarter isn’t enough, can regulation crowdfunding fill that big gap in the middle?

 You will learn:

  • The different types of crowdfunding and how they work.
  • The pros and cons of crowdfunding for a growing company.
  • How to choose the right “funding portal” and pitch your offering to them the right way.
  • How to prepare your disclosure statement and other funding documents.
  • How to advertise your crowdfunded offering both online and offline.
  • Tips for managing your “crowd” once the crowdfunding has been accomplished.


Cliff Ennico is an attorney and business development consultant based in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Author of 17 books and host of his own small business advice channel on Youtube. Cliff speaks nationwide to corporations, business groups and professional organizations on legal and tax issues affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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