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Katie Farrington
        Katie Farrington

To create and sustain a solid foundation in business, every owner needs advisors. When surrounded by the right advisory team, you won’t have to guess at questions you are untrained to answer. Not only will your dream team free you to concentrate on producing revenue and managing operational details, but you’ll have the security that comes from knowing that subject-matter experts are guiding your decisions, keeping you clear of needless mistakes and cheering your success. Find out who should be on your dream team, how to select specialists that are a good match for your business size, industry and personality, and what role each player can offer to make you a winner.

KeyBankKatherine “Katie” Farrington is a Relationship Manager and Vice President for KeyBank. Katie leads the Key@Work program regionally for the bank to provide business customers educational programming for employees to improve their financial stability KeyBank’s programs also include one-on-one financial coaching and KeyBank’s financial wellness tools. Key@Work is a cost effective program that employers can add to their employees’ health and wellness benefits packages. Katie has more than 10 years of professional experience in banking management. 


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