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Managing the Employee Cycle (Part 2 of 2)

Live webinar
What you need to know about hiring, managing, retaining, and separating from employees.

Free but registration required.

Building on the previous session, discover the best approaches to managing both good and bad employee behavior. Learn the secrets of an effective performance review and what not to do. And find out what you must do when it’s just not working out with an employee and how to protect your company while being a compassionate boss. Whether you are a new business owner who has not yet hired your first W-2 employee, or the operator of an established company with a growing staff, developing a good understanding of best HR practices will save you money and tears.


Ivonne Zucco
       Ivonne Zucco

Ivonne Zucco, MBA, PCC, has a mission to support individuals and organizations in their development efforts and help unlock the potential everyone has within. As People and Culture Consultant, she works with individuals searching for fulfillment and balance in their careers and with companies working towards intentional culture change by using a pragmatic approach to help them advance from where they are to where they want to be with clarity and purpose. Ivonne holds a BA with a focus in psychology from Sacred Heart University, an MBA from the University of New Haven, and coaching certifications in: Core Energy Coaching™, Energy Leadership™, COR.E Dynamics. ™ Additionally, Ivonne is a Certified Team Performance Practitioner and has obtained a Mediation and Conflict Management Certification from Harvard Law School.

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