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CEDF Spring 2018 Leadership Conference Guest Registration

Paths to Greatness & an Extraordinary Business Future
CEDF Spring 2018 Leadership Conference, May 16

Dr. Steven Sobel Survey

Thank you for attending our 2018 Leadership Conference. We take surveys of our seminar attendees to be able to share with our grant funders the impact of our programming. Kindly take a moment to respond to the questions below.

Tax changes impacting CT small business owners

Every CT small business owner should participate in this call.

So you want to buy a building

Curious about the process of getting a commercial mortgage? CEDF's Director of Lending will explan the requirements.

Building relationships with journalists to promote your business

Almost every small business owner would love to have their operation featured in the local newspaper. Lee Howard, award winning journalist for The Day, will help you learn how.

Marketing foundations for new and established businesses

If you think your marketing plans are self-evident and the only research facts and data you have are swimming around in your head, Rich Laria can teach you a more effective way.

Create Contract-Winning Capability Statements

Every year, the government spends billions of dollars funding contracts to hire firms for a variety of projects, products, and services. Although competing with other companies to win contracts may sound overwhelming, an expertly designed capability statement can significantly improve your potential for success.

CEDF Cyber Security Seminar Guest Registration

Cyber Weapons You Must Deploy to Defeat the Criminals Stalking your Small Business
(and a Battle Plan to Launch Today)

CEDF Cyber Security Seminar Registration for SBDC Guests

Cyber Weapons You Must Deploy to Defeat the Criminals Stalking your Small Business
(and a Battle Plan to Launch Today)

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

The job market has changed, as have the demographics of the current workforce. Employees can afford to be selective in today’s environment, making it harder to fill positions and more important than ever to retain valuable talent. Millennials now represent more than 35% of the workforce and companies cannot afford to ignore the changes in mindset this generation brings. This presentation explores these adjustments and some of the ways successful companies are adapting to a new landscape.
Presenters: John Adinolfi, Director of Sales & Matt Webber, District Manager

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